• Nadia

Novels You Have to Read This Fall

Fall is a huge mood for a lot of bookworms. It's all about cozy sweaters, reading nooks, and a hot beverage while reading our favorite books. Here are the books we recommend you read this fall.

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The Death of Vivek Oji by Akwaeke Emezi

After his lifeless body shows up on his family's doorstep, Vivek's family and friends must try and piece together the last days of the gentle, enigmatic son. It's a heart-wrenching, beautiful story of family, friendship, identity and how we can come home to each other even when it seems too late. 

Just Like You by Nick Hornby

This warm, wise, highly entertaining twenty-first-century love story is about what happens when the person who makes you happiest is someone you never expected

Memorial by Bryan Washington

Benson and Mike's relationship is going fine, if a little stale. But then Mike decides to fly to Osaka to say goodbye to his dying estranged father, just as his mom Mitsuko comes to visit. Benson, a Black daycare teacher, forms an illuminating friendship with Misuko in his absence, while Mike undergoes a transformation of his own. 

Monogamy by Sue Miller

Graham is larger than life, and he absorbs his wife Annie's whole world. So when he dies unexpectedly, she's adrift even in her own family: her daughter Sarah, her stepson Lucas, and Lucas's mom Frieda, with whom Annie's close. In the depth of her grief, she discovers Graham's infidelity, which makes her question how well she even knew him. Miller fans, you'll devour this one.

The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes by Elissa R. Sloan

In vein of Daisy Jones & The Six and Everything I Never Told You, this debut novel probes the dark side of fame after a former pop star ends her own life. Gloss is the biggest girl band in the universe, but 15 years after their peak, one of their members dies by suicide. The other three are left wondering why and what they could have done to help.

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

Gifty is a PhD candidate in neuroscience at Stanford, studying depression and addiction. Her brother, Nana, had been a talented high school athlete until he got hooked on OxyContin and died of an overdose. Her grief-stricken mother took to her bed. In this illuminating tale, Gifty searches for a scientific basis for her family’s suffering, but gravitates to the evangelical church she grew up in, instead.

What Are You Going Through by Sigrid Nunez

We all crave human connection, to have someone see your suffering and listen to you share. Nunez explores those moments in this quiet novel that will help you reflect on your own relationships and chance encounters, and how much we all really open up to each other.

Cobble Hill by Cecily Von Ziegesar

Calling all Gossip Girl lovers: Get another dose of the drama with this new book that follows four families in a trendy Brooklyn neighborhood. Their lives are complicated in all the usual ways, until one fateful party throws their priorities into sharp relief. If you live for front stoop gossip, don't sleep on this one. 

Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

Betty is born in a bathtub to a Cherokee father and a white mother, the youngest of six siblings. Growing up in poverty in Appalachia, her coming-of-age is marked by tragedy and racism, but also deep love and the healing beauty of nature. This book will break your heart open, in the best way.

When No One Is Watching. by Alyssa Cole

Turn off all the lights and send shivers down your spine with this thriller in which gentrification has a sinister bent. Brooklyn lifer Sydney wants to combat the changing neighborhood by starting a walking tour with her new neighbor Theo. But the more they dive into history, the deeper the rabbit hole goes. 

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

When a failed bank robber bursts into an apartment showing and takes everyone hostage, a real cast of characters reveal some surprising truths about themselves (and each other). As we get to know the hostages, the responding officers, and the perpetrator, we realize that nothing's ever as it appears on the surface and maybe we could all use rescuing, after all. 

Dear Ann by Bobbie Ann Mason

When she moves away from rural Kentucky for graduate school in the tumultuous 1960's, Ann's looking for more than just an education. She wants to find The One and finds it in Jimmy, a lovable misfit from Chicago. But with the Vietnam War looming, nothing's for certain, even their future. This elegant book will transport you to another era, with a love that's totally timeless.


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